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    Second Hand Hounds

    Second Hand Hounds

    We are excited to announce we recently partnered with Second Hand Hounds in hopes of helping their rescues find forever homes!  For those of you who aren't familiar with Second Hand Hounds, they're a non-profit animal rescue in Minnesota that provides shelter, vet care and daily necessities for animals at risk while working hard to find each animal their permanent home.


    Bow & Arrow donates products, photography assets, and time to promote SHH dogs and cats on our website and social media platforms. Not only do we hope to help find these rescues their forever homes, but also spread awareness about the amount of animals that need a second chance, as well as the importance of spaying and neutering.


    This week we met Pixie, a ten year old pitbull who absolutely stole our hearts. Because no one knows her better that her foster parents, here are a few things they want you to know about her!



    "Pixie is a DOLL. She loves to nap, go for a walk, nap again, play some tug of war (her FAVORITE), and nap some more. 

    I think Pixie learned early on that being a good girl meant she got treats, so while she's a little thick in the middle, she is absolutely the best girl she could be. Plus, she is consistently losing weight! 
    She knows all your basic commands, has good recall and walks well on leash. Like most pitties, she wants to be with her people as much as possible. She loves to just lay with (or on top of) you on the couch. She adores chew toys-they can keep her occupied for hours on end with no treats at all, but she is a toy destroyer, so keep an eye on her :)
    She is house trained and doesn't chew or get into anything she's not supposed to while we are gone. She is not crate trained, but she does not need one. 
    She is so sweet to visitors and does great with other dogs. You can tell she was very well socialized, because she is curious and sweet, but is never tugging on leash to go meet a dog. She could do well with or without another dog in the home. 
    She would be an excellent first dog, only dog or playmate for a moderate energy dog who would let her be the boss. She wouldn't live well with a dominant/alpha female dog, but that is not uncommon. She does well meeting any dogs out on walks, at the vet or at the pet store. 
    She is so gentle. She would do great with humans of all ages and sizes, but she is exceptional with children! Plus she has absolutely the softest tongue on Earth and gives the sweetest, softest kisses! I think she would make an excellent emotional support companion. She is very in tune with my emotions and always wants to cuddle and comfort you. (Except if you slip and fall on ice outside; then you're playing, right????)
    Pixie has been with us for some lump/mass removal, which was successful. She does need to be on Benadryl for the rest of her life to mitigate some symptoms, but she's a real trooper and she takes her pills/treats gently. 
    If you're looking for a sweet angel pittie baby to join your family, look no further. Pixie is a sweetheart who would love to meet you!"
    For more information about Pixie, please visit:
    Or, contact us at